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Our starting point for optimal advocacy is reputation.  It is more vital than ever for companies in heavily regulated sectors of the economy, where missteps can have immediate and more lasting impacts.   Regulators and politicians target perceived mistakes by companies or in some cases choose to target companies with poor reputations, embroiling leadership in costly and distracting processes, and ultimately ending up with regulatory action that undermines profitability.

In short, not actively managing and growing reputation leaves potential shareholder value on the table and leaves companies and shareholder value at risk of one-time or lasting hits.

Working together with a team that we hand-pick from our extensive network that meets your needs in terms of skills and subject-matter expertise, we provide a suite of services to protect, enhance and secure value through our ongoing strategic support:

Value insurance – ongoing strategic support that is constantly surfing ahead in time and space, across jurisdictions to identify and protect against potential threats initiated in the bowels of government by regulators and political actors working at odds to the public interest.

Value protection – confronting a looming challenge from a hostile regulation or bill that threatens you either materially or existentially.

Value identification and capture – working with our team of policy, accounting and legal experts, we find opportunity to advance your goals and objectives.


The tactics that we pursue to achieve those strategies are typically a mix of...

Strategic planning

Government relations

Crisis planning and communications

Stakeholder relations

Trade association organization and management


Strategic communications

Digital campaigns and advocacy


Labour relations

Executive search and placement

What We've Done Recently

At any given time, we have about 40 sets of files on the go, based on long-term relationships with trusted clients.  We’re adding capacity to take on more, to bring our unique approach to your problems:

Here are some examples of what we’ve been up to lately…

Guiding public affairs strategy for a packaged goods category

Shaping labour relations strategy for a major national retailer

Securing COVID support for the arts and cultural sectors

Supporting communications in the face of a critical external report for a major health care provider

Helping Canada’s public transit systems stay afloat during COVID-19

Gaining regulatory approval for a mining acquisition

Government relations strategy, crisis planning and communications for financial institutions

Advising on green infrastructure procurement

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gt&co who we are

We are Don Guy and Brian Topp – the G & T in gt&co, founded in 2013.  Together with our team of associates, we help clients achieve their strategic objectives working with our network multi-disciplinary group of campaigners and consultants across Canada from every partisan background – Liberal, Conservative, BQ, New Democrat and Green.

Don and Brian are two of the most senior campaigners and strategists in Canada, with 75+ years of experience in politics and government between us.  We do this because we enjoy the work, bringing our skills and networks to thorny strategic problems for which traditional, cookie-cutter approaches don’t work.

Since we launched our practice in 2013, we have been fortunate to work with hundreds of outstanding clients from across the country and around the world.  We have found is that our true value is the judgement embedded in our strategic insight into how human beings behave in the political realm, the advice that flows from that insight, and the network of skilled professionals who can execute that advice flawlessly.